January 20, 2023

What’s I am currently doing now:

Studying for my bachelor’s degree at NTU

My major is chemical engineering, but I want to be a deep learning practitioner.

Learning the Deep Learning and GAN Specializations from

I studied it on Coursera. Two courses were released at different times, so there was a mismatched in module used (TensorFlow vs PyTorch), but that means that I can learn from both worlds. I often encountered champions for PyTorch, such as Jeremy Howard, who praised the module over TensorFlow, but I feel like I need to experience both to judge.

Documenting my notes here on H’s Notes

Just go to a blog post and see one of my entry.

Working on projects to deepen my understanding

You can see them at my Github repo. For the philosophy of project-based and just-in-time learning, check out this post or this post.

Looking for summer internship in Singapore

It is not an easy market that I come into, with the news about tech layoffs in Singapore this 2023. Still, I do what I can do and have to do. My deadline is 29/01/2023, when the career fair at my school starts.